Improving the mind and body   

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Softens fine lines

Revitalizes skin and senses

Stress and pain relief

Improves skin texture and tone


Mild stress and pain relief

Improves circulations

Helps lymphatic drainage

Deep Tissue 

Chronic pain relief

Improves circulation in deeper tissues

Loosen scar tissue

Trigger Point Therapy 

Stress relief

Referred pain relief

Decrease discomfort

Hot Stone

Melt down deep adhesion

Increase circulation in deep tissue

Reduces anxiety


Quicker recovery time
Improves performance
Improve flexibility to reduce risk of injury

Enriched Massage                                       

Enriched Massage loosen stiffen muscle, break down adhesion in muscle tissue, increase circulation, relieve stress and pain. Enriched Massage includes a 90 minute full body massage combined with a facial (Aveda products). Leaving you feeling enriched with life and beauty.

Increases relaxation

Improves skin texture and tone

Softens fine lines

Pain and stress relief